A reflection on growing global in our new “paradigm”

How TradeTrans is adapting to rapid growth and customer demand amid supply chain industry chaos

TradeTrans is embracing the global supply chain “new paradigm”

Remember the days when reading words like “global pandemic,” “unprecedented supply chain challenges,” and “port congestion” would cause our eyes to widen, jaw drop, and perhaps even an anxiety pang?

Now it seems we gloss over catastrophic news as if it’s our business as usual

Over the past two years, TradeTrans has endured the numerous effects of COVID-19 like shutdowns, protocols, vaccinations, and quarantines. Not to mention the industry issues that range from transportation shortages and labor shortages to raw material shortages.

And yet, we continue to thrive. 

Because TradeTrans provides supply chain management services (purchasing, distribution, warehousing, documentation, or other logistics management) for the international quick-service restaurant (QSR) franchise market, we’ve witnessed in awe our customers flourish around the globe, especially in the Middle East.

Aside from our collective customer business acumen, COVID-19 boosted consumers’ choice for their QSR brands because of the minimal to no contact and fast delivery. Mirroring U.S. trends, quick-service restaurants worldwide recovered faster than their full-service counterparts in the latter half of 2020 (see chart below).  In fact, the global fast-food franchise market forecasts to reach USD 884.56 billion by 2027.*

Consumers choice for Q-Service Restaurants vs Full Service Restuanrants

So, how do you implement change to meet rapid growth while keeping your day-to-day operations running smoothly?  

This question is at the forefront for Bob Antes, TradeTrans president and founder, and the leadership team. We’ve learned to take an agile approach to improve processes and talent and expand our physical space. And, when well-executed, we see reliability, efficiency, and consistency as a cross-functional team that embraces the impermanence of our industry and dismisses the mentality of “that’s my not my job.” 

How we’re doing it

  • Sticking to our vision: We made sure all aspects of growth planning focus on our vision:

Our vision is to be the first choice for US-based franchise supply chain management in the global market. We get there as a team by attaining a superior customer experience, financial strength, process optimization and supporting each other to reach our fullest potential.

  • Collaboration: With anticipating, managing and driving change as the prime directives, we sought out a full-team effort to support our triple-growth with an employee engagement campaign, “Project 3X.”   Click here to learn more about Project 3X.

By including all employees in our growth planning, we instill value in what we each do and get pointed feedback from each role, from the warehouse to accounting to business development.

  • Embracing the reality of real estate:  In our part of the world, Orange County, New York (about 65 miles north of New York City), we are one among many when it comes to warehouse expansion. According to the Orange County planning commissioner, in 2021 alone, around 40 warehouse projects are in development or the planning stages. These include new construction and expansions.  Click here to read more.

This makes for a tough market for buying and leasing. After several lease options fell through, TradeTrans is undertaking an expansion project while leasing out an additional space and securing a second facility to process orders.   It’s been a wild ride, and we look forward to keeping you updated on our progress.