Agility Hacks for an Uncertain Global Supply Chain

With rising inflation and overall economic uncertainty, we’re witnessing a considerable (and hopefully temporary) cooldown in supply chain demand across the global markets we serve. Although we don’t feel we’re in for a crash landing, we should prepare to navigate these barriers with an eye toward long-term success.   Agility and adaptability are essential to…

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Service Spotlight: Export Labeling

TradeTrans export labeling

What to know when preparing a U.S. export If you are reading this blog post, then chances are you already know that export requirements vary widely from country to country. TradeTrans offers in-house labeling services, including unit sequence labels, pallet labels, GMO-free labels, and bi-lingual food product labels. We work with a leading global translation…

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Warehouse Worker: The New “It” Job

Warehouse Worker

All be it competing “Help Wanted, Great Pay” signs cluttering roadways to rampant recruiting efforts (including generous ad budgets) on popular job placement sites, the demand for warehouse workers continues to rise. Over the past two years, the unprecedented rise in fast and minimal-to-contactless delivery has forced brands to restructure their business models. Consumers have…

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Palm Beach Atlantic University study: Franchise business owners earn more at resale than non-franchise businesses

Faculty research to be published in Fall 2021 Franchise businesses earn a higher resale price when compared with non-franchise businesses, reported a trio of researchers at Palm Beach Atlantic University’s (PBA) Marshall E. Rinker Sr. School of Business.  “Our research supports the value of a franchise branded business,” explained John P. Hayes, director of PBA’s…

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