TradeTrans Team Member Celebrates Citizenship

Brazil native, Elaine Barone, TradeTrans Procurement Team Member, celebrating her U.S. Citizenship

We celebrated Elaine Barone, TradeTrans procurement clerk, on becoming an official U.S. citizen at the Naturalization Ceremony held at the Newburgh Armory Unity Center on November 15.

Joined by officials, families, and friends, Elaine, along with 99 people from 48 countries, took the Oath of Allegiance, the final part of the naturalization process, pledging to support and defend the American Constitution and the laws of the United States.

In 2014, Elaine moved from her native home in Sao Paolo, Brazil, to become an au pair for a family in New York City.   In 2020, she joined TradeTrans and is a valuable part of the procurement team.

“Elaine worked hard to make this day a reality, and I was honored to be present at the ceremony,” said Sandon Kane, TradeTrans procurement manager. Representing TradeTrans, Sandy and Janet Deverso, Operations Manager, cheered Elaine on the two and half hour long ceremony.

Sandy Kane, Procurement Manager, joins Elaine at her Naturalization Ceremony.

TradeTrans congratulates Elaine on her citizenship. Like Elaine’s infectious smile, our country got a bit brighter today.

Embracing our differences and fostering the rich mix of backgrounds and experiences is specifically what makes TradeTrans so great.  It’s part of why I love going to work each day,” said Janet.

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