Specializing in U.S. export supply chain management for quick service (QSR), fast casual (fast food), and other food service companies, TradeTrans can manage your needs no matter how big or small. From equipment to food ingredients purchasing to warehousing and export packing, we've got you covered.

With the TradeTrans supply chain solutions, we customize a service plan that meets your specific needs. Our full-service capabilities cover export logistics needs and requirements, including:


Our goal: obtain top quality products and wares promptly, and at a fair price. We evaluate suppliers, negotiate contracts, and review the quality of products. We also consider availability, reliability, lead-times, and technical support. Every decision we make in the procurement process is with your best interests in mind.

We aim to become your trusted partner by providing: 

1. The ease of one-stop shopping,
2. Peace of mind, and ultimately,
3. The supply chain solutions you need.


TradeTrans operates a secure, 40,000-square-foot (3,716 square meter) warehouse in Chester, New York, about 90 minutes north of New York City. Plans are in place to complete a 20,000-square-foot (1,858 square meter) expansion in the near future. The warehouse has a 24-foot clear-span ceiling, fire and burglar alarm systems, and a back-up generator capable of powering the entire facility. We have five loading docks with dock levelers, one drive-in freezer, one drive-in cooler, and ample dry storage capability. We place a priority on our continuously monitored safety program and regularly updated contingency plan. 

TradeTrans is NELMA (Northeast Lumber Manufacturers Association) certified in accordance with IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) standards, allowing us to certify and stamp ISPM15 compliant lumber. We are registered with the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration), allowing us to handle and process all manner of food-related materials. We are also certified and approved to operate our warehouse under the New York State Agriculture Department authority. We have trained and certified hazardous materials personnel, including a certified forklift trainer, on-site.

TradeTrans handling equipment includes sit-down Class IV forklifts, stand-up electric Class II forklifts, electric pallet jacks, manual pallet jacks, scissor lift, platform scale, bench scales, automated stretch wrapper, and pallet inverter.

Contract Warehousing

Ambient Storage

Chilled Storage

Cold storage (0º F or -18º C)

Hazardous materials storage and packing

Rack Storage

Yard Storage



Pick and Pack




Customized Packing Solutions

Container Loading


Pallet Inversion



TradeTrans manages the distribution services of goods for international shipping around the world. Since 1985, our experts in export packing continue to evaluate the type of product, the mode of transportation, and the facilities at all ports and airports involved. We understand the nuances of shipments made by vessel, air, and ground transportation, including extensive packing for longer transport duration, humidity exposure, and the handling between transport methods along the journey. Our distribution services include:


We offer a variety of highly regarded global translation labeling services including: unit sequence labels, pallet labels, GMO free labels, and bilingual food product labels. We currently provide bilingual labels in: Arabic, Russian, Mandarin, and Spanish, and we work closely with a global translation company to ensure accuracy and adherence to technical specifications.

Container Loading

All pallets are weighed, measured, and identified to ensure proper load balance is achieved when container loading takes place. Inbound containers are checked to verify they are in good condition. Containers that are leaking, damaged, or have strong odors are rejected, as is any non-working reefer equipment. Cargo is loaded in containers to ensure that all pallets are properly blocked and braced for safe shipment. The entire cargo loading process is documented with photographs. Appropriate dunnage materials (air bags, pallets, brackets) are used to secure each load for safe shipment.


Documentation is diligently handled with careful attention to detail. Every country has their own import regulations, and TradeTrans stays up to date to adhere to these exacting requirements. Typical documents issued include: commercial invoices, packing lists, certificates of origin, free-sale certificates, certificates of analysis, as well as all related transport documentation. Our long-standing working relationship with a premier consular service in New York City allows us to secure notarized and/or legalized documents as required in a timely manner. All original documentation is dispatched via international courier service.

Warehouse-to-Warehouse Insurance Coverage

TradeTrans facilitates cargo insurance that protects transported goods from the shipper’s warehouse to the consignee's warehouse. Understanding that no two customer needs are alike, our skilled team plans for any shipping scenario domestically and across the world.

Follow up

Shipment tracking reports are obtained by us on a regular basis from our freight forwarders. This information is consistently provided to you for status updates.


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