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Specializing in LCL and FCL Container Loads

TradeTrans can help you determine which container type is the best solution for your supply chain. LCL (less than container load) means that your cargo is consolidated into a container along with other shippers’ freight. Some shippers might prefer more frequent LCL shipments to assist with just-in-time inventory practices to meet immediate fulfillment needs.

All pallets are weighed, measured, and identified to ensure proper load balance is achieved when container loading takes place. Empty containers are checked to verify they are in good condition prior to loading. Containers that are leaking, damaged, or have strong odors are rejected, as is any non-working reefer equipment. All cargo, whether palletized or floor-loaded, is securely blocked and braced to ensure integrity during transit. The cargo loading process is documented with photographs which are taken throughout the process. Appropriate dunnage materials (air bags, pallets, brackets) are used to secure each load.


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LCL Less than Container Load Explained

By Trade Trans Corp. | July 14, 2020 |

LCL is an acronym for “less than container load.” LCL refers to cargo not of sufficient weight or volume to economically fill 20 Ft. or 40 Ft. ocean shipping container.

Quick Service and Fast Casual Restaurants

We specialize in Quick Service and Fast Casual Restaurant Supply Chain Management working with the international export of major brands like Dunkin', Baskin Robbins, Smoothie King, Blimpie, and more.

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