TradeTrans Fulfills the Need for Capacity While Embracing the Reality of New York Commercial Real Estate

TradeTrans current facility

In our part of the world, Orange County, New York (about 65 miles north of New York City), we are one among many when it comes to needing warehouse expansion. According to the Orange County planning commissioner, in 2021 alone, around 40 warehouse projects are in development or the planning stages. These include new construction and expansions.  

This warehouse boom resulted from the e-commerce demand that skyrocketed during the height of the COVID pandemic. Quickly we found ourselves competing for warehouse space against Amazon and large-scale manufacturers and distributors.

It would be an understatement to say it’s been a tough market for buying and leasing.   We’ve had several lease options fall through that we thought to be a “sure thing.” 

With careful consideration and consultation, TradeTrans is taking a hybrid approach to fulfilling our space requirements. Our plan includes:

  • Expanding our existing facility
  • Leasing warehouse space for storage
  • Leasing an additional warehouse facility for order processing. 

This thinking allows us to scale operations up and down in response to market conditions. We want to act quickly enough to disruptions and or rising demand. 

The additional warehouse facility also provides a “lab” area to test new automation methods and other process optimizations. After all, we don’t want to just be bigger; we want to be better.

The journey to grow our space has been a wild ride, and we look forward to keeping you updated on our progress.