Project 3X

Full team effort in planning our triple growth

TradeTrans asked all employees to weigh in on what we need to do internally to meet our 3x order volume demand with an internal campaign “Project 3X.”

How we did it

First, we acknowledged and thanked each employee for their individual and shared contribution to this record-achievement in a full-team huddle in our warehouse. Our leadership team explained our position of delivering three times the exceptional service we’re proud of  and how each of us plays a vital role.  

We covered a wall in our breakroom with a whiteboard and asked each employee to write down what we needed to do to scale all aspects of our business to meet our triple demand. We encouraged no holding back with responses, understanding that we cannot be just bigger – we need to be better!

Consequently, here’s a look at just some of our 3x responses:

  • warehouse and office space
  • output
  • workforce
  • customer relationship management
  • export label production (physical labels and labor)
  • lumber for building our customer pallets
  • employee morale
  • planning ahead
  • clear internal and external communication
  • cost savings opportunities
  • motivation
  • cash flow
  • positive mindset

The leadership team took the feedback as part of our comprehensive quick-fire and long-term growth plan.  And, we look forward to future collaborative planning efforts with our team.