Warehouse Lead/Montgomery


This Position Definition describes the duties, responsibilities, and performance measures for a Warehouse Lead (herein after referred to as WL) for TradeTrans Corp. The WL is responsible for leading, directing, and assisting in the overall management and performance of the warehouse operations.


  • Supervise warehouse staff
  • Train and mentor new warehouse hires
  • Ensure that safety protocols are followed
  • Check and complete documentation
  • Ensuring the efficient delivery of good
  • Inventory stock, ensure stock rotation, and coordinate reporting with the Procurement Manager, Warehouse Manager and Assistant Warehouse Manager



  • Assists Warehouse Manager with hiring of new employees as required
  • Train and supervise new hires
  • Ongoing training and skill development for all employees
  • Assist in evaluating the performance of assigned warehouse employees

Material Flow:
Supervise and perform as required:

  • Pick order:
    • Supervise employees with selecting products with care and accuracy, and pick orders as required.
    • Verify all products picked are correct and accurate counts.
    • Verify correct dates and lots picked.
  • Label Verification:
    • Verify correct label counts before start of job.
    • Check all labels for the following: dates, ingredients, TT & manufacturer item number, company name & address, pack quantity, inside and outside labels (separate).
    • Match label information with order pick and load list to ensure all match.
    • Match label with product and verify correct product was picked.
  • Labeling:
    • Apply correct label (inside and out) to product in selected location, with care and accuracy.
    • Re-package product with care & accuracy making sure product is not damaged.
    • Stack and stage labeled product as each order is required.
    • Build labeled product if order calls for that at the time of labeling.
  • Continually check orders in progress to ensure they are being done correctly and in a timely manner.
  • Verify all items picked for orders are correct product, date, lot and quantity. Verify and assist in the writing & configuration of manifest & pallets to ensure products are done properly.
  • Meet with manager to schedule orders to be completed on time and with little or no overtime.
  • Be aware of workers schedule and hours worked to maintain control of overtime.
  • Verify that the product is correct for the order being built.
  • Verify labels on food products are correct and accurate.
  • Label correct products with sequence/pallet labels.
  • Build neat and accurate pallets making sure all pallets are on bottom up to lightest on top.
  • Wrap product securely to pallet.
  • Adhere pallet label containing order number & pallet number.

Staging Order:
Supervise and perform as required:

  • When each pallet is complete it will be staged for shipment in a designated location.
  • All pallets for individual order will be staged keeping the entire order together neatly and safely.

Supervise and perform as required:

  • All paperwork for each order will be kept together in a sleeve provided. All paperwork for each order will be checked, verified, filled out and maintained by any individual working on that order.
  • A neat and organized manifest will be filled out, verified by supervisor and turned in when order is complete.
  • A daily time sheet will be turned in at the end of the shift.
  • Verify all paperwork is filled out properly before it is turned in. Verify all numbers match.

Inventory Control:
Supervise and perform as required:

  • Pick orders accurately verifying all items match pick and load list (dates, lots, vendor #’s)
  • Restock items back to their original location neatly, keeping area organized.
  • Report any damages/overages/shortages directly to Assistant Warehouse Manager
  • Performs neat and accurate inventory and cycle counts when needed.
  • Checks on a daily basis that all items picked match orders being worked on.
  • Ensures all rack locations, warehouse locations as well as shipping locations are kept neat & orderly to help counting and picking be more accurate.
  • Helps, when needed, keep receiving areas clear and organized for better material flow.
  • Assists manager(s) with any requested tasks.

Supervise and perform as required:

  • Keep orders completed neat and organized.
  • Verify orders being loaded are correct and complete.
  • Pallet loads are to be loaded with equal weigh distribution and to minimize any load shifting.
  • Floor loads are to be organized to utilize maximum cubic feet in container.
  • All containers are to be loaded so there is no damage to the product during transit. Schedule the correct amount of help for each individual load.
  • Verify all are free of dirt and debris as well as no holes or damages in the container being loaded.


  • Maintain a cooperative working relationship with other employees to ensure a safe working environment.
  • Reports any/all problems with job order, material flow, inventory control, building maintenance and communication directly to manager(s).
  • Communicates job status directly to manager(s) on a daily basis.
  • Informs all necessary people of any needed time off or tardiness.
  • Continually communicates all items such as container job status, employee’s status, etc. to manager(s).
  • Keeps manager updated on any scheduling conflicts that may compromise an order.
  • Keeps manager informed of any employee conflicts or issues that may disrupt normal work flow.