Virtu(al)oso – Why we want to connect virtually with you

Increased accessibility; instilling trust and accountability

Did you know?

  • 10% of our communication is represented by our words.  
  • 30% is represented by our sounds
  • 60% is represented by our body language
TradeTrans CRM team preparing to meet an overseas client

Construed as transactional services, the bulk of what we do as a global supply chain management business includes quotes, shipping confirmations, and purchase orders. It may not deem necessary for regular face-to-face discussion.

One of the one positive things that came out of the global shutdown during the pandemic was the integration of virtual meetings into normal business communication. TradeTrans implemented virtual meetings with many of our customers and partners worldwide to keep business moving forward regardless of physical location.

We continue to use this practice and have increased our virtual meetings even to this day. “Trusted relationships are the foundation for why we are in business, and virtual meetings allow us to connect with our customers on a more personal level that goes beyond email,” opined Janet Deverso, Operations Manager.

Visual cues bring efficiencies not possible with email or audio calls. Research has shown that humans process visual information more quickly and accurately than text and audio. Therefore, when meeting via video conferencing, attendees retain more information and comprehend it more effectively than they would if you held the meeting via other platforms.

Convenience is another valuable factor for virtual meetings. Supply chain issues do not always fall within traditional business hours. “When issues arise, virtual meetings help enable swift solutions no matter the time of day,” Deverso said.

Many of the TradeTrans customer relationships span well over two decades in major international markets,  so having the opportunity to connect visually is something we deeply value.  Let’s set up a virtual meeting today.

Source MIT Sloan Management Review