Suez Canal Aftermath: Delivering your orders is our priority

On Monday, we were all fortunate to learn that the Ever Given container ship was dislodged from the Suez Canal.  This is good news and we are grateful to all those involved in the dredging and excavation, along with our partners who have been continuously monitoring and preparing for re-navigating the impacted shipments.

Shipping delays could occur due to the Suez Canal blockage.

Even though the Suez canal has reopened, the rolling effects on capacity and transport equipment are substantial.  As a result, this could take weeks, possibly months, to level out. The various steamship lines work closely with authorities to determine the actual time frame of delays for vessels currently on the water. The TradeTrans operations team continues to work with our forwarders daily for updates.  Our international customer import orders and their supply chain are our priority.

Trusted relationships have never been so important

In these times of what seems like constant disruptions, relationship management is critical to keeping your supply chain moving.

Relationship management begins by creating a structure that will describe how individuals within your business and your third party-partnerships work together. More strategic relationships should increase the interaction of upper management that drives the overall strategic alignment of the partnership.  This enables streamlined communications and planning which yield efficiency and profitability. 

Focus on outcomes, not transactions

Trusted relationships also enable you to focus on your immediate priorities and growing your business more than concentrating on the transactional.   Two ways to help achieve this is to:

  1. Focus on the deliverable, not the how it’s getting to you 

2. Don’t micromanage. Trust the third party to find a way to deliver your supply chain needs.

Quality Control: When extra steps save your steps

Managing lead times and shipping delays are often related to managing product and process quality.  Managing expectations with your third-party partnerships will help meet your standards and prevent miscommunication and delays.

Clarifying expectations from the onset, performing inspection and monitoring production will reduce shipment delays in the long term.

Linking TradeTrans to your supply chain’s success 

With Trade Trans supply chain solutions, we customize a full-service plan that meets your specific needs.  Our business model is focused on delivering seamless supply chain management for customers around the world.

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