National Ice Cream Cone Month: The Scoop on Your Cone

July is National Ice Cream Cone month. President Ronald Reagan made this declaration in 1984 for Americans to enjoy the “wholesome” frozen sweet treat and support the ice cream industry’s producers and suppliers.

Fittingly enough, July happens to be the hottest month on Earth (as reported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in 2019) providing all the more reason to cool off with an ice cream cone no matter where around the globe you may live.

When better to have an ice cream cone than during the hottest month on the planet?

Ice cream cone meltdown not likely

The ice cream cone cravings do not appear to curve after July. The international ice cream market is anticipated to hit an estimated $89 million in 2022.

Fortunately, it looks as if the COVID-19 global pandemic has not resulted in a meltdown of the ice cream industry.

“Although at one point the coronavirus brought an abrupt halt to ice cream cone orders. We’re currently purchasing and distributing international cone orders at the same pace as the year prior,” said Janet Deverso, TradeTrans Corp’s Operations Manager. “Our projection is that this will continue to increase.”

How an ice cream cone gets into your hands

Year after year millions of ice cream cones make their way to the TradeTrans warehouse from US manufacturers via freight transportation. The cones, thin, wafer like pastry, are carefully prepped by a dedicated logistics and warehouse team for their voyage via ocean vessels en route to countries worldwide. 

Upon arrival, the cones are inspected by Customs. After that they are delivered to the ice cream shops. The end game is a cone filled with an ice cream flavor of choice, and perhaps a topping for two.

So next time you are about to take that first lick of your ice cream cone consider taking a moment to think about all the jobs you have supported in getting that cone into your hand.  It just might make your ice cream cone taste even better.

Let’s give a nod to all links in the supply chain who help get ice cream cones into our hands.

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