Caught in the act: How TradeTrans employees support their mental health at work 

In honor of World Mental Health Day, a few TradeTrans employees are sharing some tips they support their mental health at work. 

Bob Antes, President & Founder: Take a step back and appreciate what we have accomplished here – take a walk around and within the building to briefly interact with employees and see how the processes are working – take short breaks to clear my head when needed.

Tim Armstrong, Warehouse Manager: I meditate and perform breathing exercises to relieve stress and anxiety.

Elaine Barone, Procurement Clerk: I take daily walk breaks.

Kara Boyle, Operations Specialist: Music is a big part of my life and always has been. Listening to music helps me to live in the moment and rids my mind from any stress. Keeping my surroundings clean and organized helps too.

Laura Lee Holmbo, Business Development: I have some chamomile tea or listen to a “sound bath” playlist. 

Sandy Kane, Procurement Manager: I use communication. Communication with my manager and colleagues about workloads and concerns so there can be solutions and helps reduce workplace stress for all.

Mary Ann Kronk, Accounting Manager: Take a quick walk. Close my eyes and say the Angelus prayer – slowly. Cut down on coffee intake!!!

Cynthia Valdes, Operations Lead: Walking helps me unwind, even if I only take 15 minutes. Going for a daily walk significantly improves my mood throughout the day.

The TradeTrans team considers self-care, particularly when it comes to mental health, important.  This helps us be efficient and product for servicing your sourcing and logistics needs. How can we help you?