Service Spotlight: Export Labeling

What to know when preparing a U.S. export

If you are reading this blog post, then chances are you already know that export requirements vary widely from country to country. TradeTrans offers in-house labeling services, including unit sequence labels, pallet labels, GMO-free labels, and bi-lingual food product labels. We work with a leading global translation company to ensure accuracy and adherence to technical specifications.

TradeTrans export labeling services makes sure you are compliant and hassle free when receiving shipments from the U.S.

Important labeling considerations for receiving international shipments include:

Production and Expiration Dates

While a few countries only require a “best before” date, most require both manufacture and expiration dates (often exterior and interior items require labels).

Changing production line set up to meet the various production and expiration date formatting for every country can often be time-consuming and cost prohibitive. This is especially true for sample orders, new markets, or smaller quantities.

Product and Ingredient Disclosure

Careful monitoring of labeling compliance is vital as countries’ requirements may vary and continuously evolve. Many countries require the labeling of all ingredients along with other product information in the destination country’s language as well as country of origin. The name and contact information of the importer may also be a labeling requirement for each item. There are also countries that require the product’s country of origin to be on each item and marked on each outer carton.

Label application

All translated labels are sized for the required application, converted to high-resolution graphic files, and stored in a system file for future use. Our in-house process provides savings in both time and cost. TradeTrans dedicated team of experts ensure your labeling requirements are accurately and cost-effectively managed.

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