New ERP Software Implementation Runs Smooth Despite Disruptors

Implementing an enterprise ERP software system is never easy. Even while dealing with the fallout from COVID-19, extreme weather, or any other wrench that is thrown into your supply chain, your businesses’ operating system is the “brain” in navigating the “new norm” of today’s disruptions.  

What happens when you’re in the midst of an ERP software implementation in the face of these major disruptors?

This is exactly what TradeTrans encountered when integrating the new OS, SAP Business One ERP software, during the tail end of 2020.

“We’ve been planning this new OS upgrade for over a year and assumed we would launch in December when the workflow historically eases up,” said Sandy Kane, TradeTrans Purchasing Manager, and project lead.  

Learning to pivot.

Little did Kane and his team know that they would be rolling out, testing, and training on this new OS during an unprecedented busy time.  A big brand QSR franchise owner in the Middle East and long-time customer experienced tremendous growth, which meant the demand for TradeTrans to manage their purchasing, distribution, and warehousing increased exponentially.

TradeTrans partnered with N’ware Technologies to implement the solution.  As experts and a gold partner for SAP Business One, N’ware helped keep TradeTrans on schedule and within budget.

Sandy Kane, TradeTrans Purchasing Manager, led the OS SAP upgrade project.

“We adapted our workflow to meet our customer demand, along with implementing testing, training, and launching a new ERP system.  All while still providing world-class customer service our customers have grown to expect,” said Kane. 

A smarter ERP approach.

Now that the SAP Business One ERP Software is up and running, Kane is expanding TradeTran’s capabilities for better, faster decision making by:

  • Utilizing supply chain data to improve decision-making, find efficiency and minimize risk.
  • Maximizing productivity within the receiving department, warehouse inventory management, and the operations service teams.
  • Identifying any blind spots and breaking down data silos throughout our supplier and transportation network.

With our SAP Business One integration in place, the order processing time has reduced an average of 10-15%. “I look forward to increasing business intelligence in 2021 and our new ERP software will be a key factor,” said Kane.