Black Bear Sighting!

TradeTrans gets an unexpected visitor

Most weekday afternoons about 3pm, you will find warehouse manager, Jason Deverso, circling the grounds of the TradeTrans Corporation facility located in the warehouse industrial park of Chester, NY.  “This gives me a chance to get a few minutes of alone time outside and do a quick grounds inspection,” Deverso said. 

black bear sighting at TradeTrans
This photo was taken by warehouse manager, Jason Deverso, a black female bear was spotted on the property of TradeTrans Corporation, Chester, NY.

However, an unexpected visitor greeted him.  He came across a black female bear in the open grass that borders the woods line of the TradeTrans property.  “I was a good 25 yards away when the sight of the bear stopped me in my tracks,” Deverso said.  

He took a few photos with his phone and watched the bear wander the grounds.  When the bear sensed his presence, “she grunted, slapped the ground with her paw and took off towards me.”

Being a long-time outdoorsman and hunter, Deverso’s instincts kicked in. “If you come across a bear then you must hold your ground and stay completely still.  If they charge, then you run.  And that’s what I did, said Deverso.  “Even though she may have been bluffing me, I was not going to take any chances.”

TradeTrans reported to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

The black bear grunted and slapped her paw on the ground. Although Deverso thought it was a bluff he didn’t want to take any chances.

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