Average Operational Lead Times

While each foodservice supply chain is unique, the following is the average operational lead time for placing an order through delivery.


(1-2 weeks)

This process involves determining the precise make-up of the overall order(s) including: equipment specifications, foodstuffs (dry and/or refrigerated/frozen), paper goods, and other dry supplies. Depending on the scope of the project, this process usually can be completed within a week or two.


(2-3 weeks)

Once an order’s final configuration has been determined, pricing will be obtained from our suppliers within a week’s time. We will then issue our Proforma Invoice detailing shipment particulars, along with payment terms. If an order is subject to some form of advance payment, order processing will commence upon receipt of funds from the customer. If an order is to be shipped under Letter of Credit, sufficient time should be allowed for it to be received at our office before operational activity commences. This can take from one to two weeks.


(1-8 weeks)

Once purchase orders have been issued to vendors, production and domestic shipping lead times can be determined, but may vary from one to eight weeks, depending on the product type. Most food and non-food supplies can be obtained within a one to three week period. Any special-order food items or non-standard electrical equipment may take considerably longer to obtain, owing to manufacturing lead times. Actual availability would be determined at the time of order placement and communicated to the customer.


(1-2 weeks)

Once all materials have been received at our warehouse, cargo will be packed, marked, and/or labeled, staged, and configured for shipment via the agreed-upon mode of transport.


(1-3 weeks)

This process involves preparing all necessary documents for proper customs clearance at destination. Standard documents are typically prepared immediately after shipment from our warehouse. Legalized documents may take two to three weeks to obtain from the respective consulate. Final documents are typically dispatched via international courier in three to four days.


(1-6 weeks)

Ocean transit times will vary depending on the final port of discharge, the carrier's port rotation, port congestion, weather, and other variables that may affect ocean carriage. Tentative information will be conveyed to the customer once cargo has been booked with the carrier. Air transit times can be as short as one to two days, or up to one week depending on space availability, carrier routing, and the final destination.


(1-2 weeks)

This can vary greatly depending on the types of materials being imported, the relationship with customs officials, and the capability of the customs broker. Most goods clear customs within seven to ten days from time of entry, however, clearance time can exceed several weeks, if problems arise. TradeTrans is ready to help expedite the process in any manner necessary.