A few questions importers should ask themselves about international trade:

1. Will Customs or Health Authority regulations adversely affect my ability to import the products I need to successfully conduct my business?

For more than 15 years Trade-Trans has been in the business of interpreting the import requirements of countries around the world, particularly those relating to foodstuffs and foodservice equipment imports. Every effort is made to anticipate potential problems and find solutions prior to shipment.

2. Who is responsible for the "well-being" of my cargo?

Traditionally, the ocean or air carrier entrusted with your shipment has the ultimate responsibility for its safe arrival. Regardless of whose direct responsibility it is, Trade-Trans as its' clients representative, is closely involved at every state of the transaction. Our intimate knowledge of the shipping process and our ability to handle all aspects of your order are your guarantee that we will do whatever is necessary to solve any problem that may arise.

3. If I am new to importing or only occasionally import, am I exposed to unknown problems?

Chances are that unless you are directly involved in the day-to-day world of imports, you could be leaving your company wide open to the vagaries of international trade. Trade-Trans is a firm with an acknowledged reputation for its depth of international trade knowledge from proper documentation requirements that enable prompt customs clearance and site delivery to the complexity of international financing.
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